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August 1, 2013
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1. Winter Sun

red blood sunrise
reflects onto fallen
snow -- newly spilled.

2. In the Breeze

wind rustles
the clean cut grass
like your hair.

3. Thunder Storms

your skin smells
of rain; nostalgia
and tangled hair.

4. Beautiful Scars

create empty ravines
on my unblemished skin.

5. Rainbow Skies

your tears are
rainbows dripping
from the sky.

6. Spring Fins

little koi dart
through clear water like
hummingbirds in spring.

7. Wallflower

a rose bloom
sits perfectly still
in your iris.

8. Unfocused

water droplets
spill onto leaves.
unfocused galaxies.

9. In Between the Pages

i took your heart
and bottled it up;
pressed flowers.

10. Desert Paintings

a canvas sunset
falls onto painted
brush landscapes.

11. Crying Skies

lightning streaks
across purple skies;
plunging tear drops.

12. Melting

silk feathers
land on the cement
like melted snow.

13. Faulty Architecture

sand castles crumble
while the wind whistles
through cracked windows

14. Dusky Silhouettes

the dusk enchants
my mind, wrapping
around cactus limbs

15. A Yellow Wood

tangled branches
comb the path
less traveled by

16. Summer Beaches

water laps my toes
like a cat drinking
warm milk

17. The Fault in our Stars

we will follow the
fault lines in the sky when
the stars disappear

18. Exhilarating Flight

dragonfly wings
follow the sun into
the setting ocean

19. Precious Jewel

water droplets
collect on your eyelashes;
dripping gems

20. Forgotten Angels

ash falls like snow,
your imprint still shivering
in my mind

21. Caravan

tree trunks
twining together --
gypsy legs

22. On The Edge

i read the stars wrong;
walking the road between
heaven and hell.

23. Fast Asleep

i lay my head on a cloud
soft as a pillow, nestled
in the sky's blanket.

24. Upside Down

koi swimming in
the sky, tail splashes
sending the rain.

25. Fire Breathing

spines like a dragon's
ripple as the mountain
rears its head.

26. Self-Consuming

smoke on the horizon --
Mother Nature's
war with herself.

27. Walking on Air

water's reflection;
the likeness of a
pearl -- lone moon

28. Aurora Borealis

painting the sky
in cold colors --
winter's lullaby

29. Reversed Rain

glitter droplet
refracting its magic
on the sun

30. Age of Empires

brittle bones --
pillars on which
empires are built

31. Anorexia

fog disguises
frail limbs --
naked trees
:iconthe-haiku-club:'s August HaikuWriMo has begun.

:iconglory-be-project: Day well, this is everyday for the month of August, so....

Day 1--Well, you know me. Can't get enough of the blood and gore, so why not bring it into nature? Kigo--snow
Day 2--Sometimes grass can sound like hair, right? Kigo--wind
Day 3--So I have a fixation with hair? So what? I couldn't get the image out of my mind. Also. Rain could technically be a plant, right? No? Darn. Kigo--rain
Day 4--Well, if I'm going to go down, I might as well go down burning, right? This is right on the edge of not being a real haiku. Kigo--empty ravines
Day 5--Well, sorry this one sucks, but I'm pressed for time. Kigo--rainbow
Day 6--Hmmm. Kigo--spring
Day 7--Inspired by: Rose is in Bloom. Kigo--rose bloom
Day 8--Inspired by: Unfocused Galaxies. Kigo--water droplets
Day 9--Inspired by: Last summer. Kigo--pressed flowers?
Day 10--Inspired by: Naramata Sunset. Kigo--brush
Day 11--Inspired by: Lightning at Paradise. Kigo--purple skies
Day 12--Inspired by: Birdie. Kigo--melted snow
Day 13--I love building sand castles. But they always fall down in the end. Kigo--sand castles, wind
Day 14--Inspired by: Enchantment. Kigo--cactus
Day 15--Inspired by: Robert Frost (obviously) and There Is Always A Way. Kigo--branches
Day 16--Uh. It seemed like an appropriate connection? Kigo--water, warm milk
Day 17--Inspired by: The Fault in our Stars by John Green. Kigo--stars
Day 18--Turning the world upside down. Kigo--dragonfly
Day 19--Thought it was a pretty image. Kigo--water droplets
Day 20--Just an image that popped into my head while I was thinking about forest fires. Kigo--ash, snow
Day 21--Could NOT get this image out of my head. I love it. Kigo--tree trunks
Day 22--I don't quite know where I was going with this one. Kigo--stars
Day 23--Reminiscent of a poem I wrote a couple of months ago. Kigo--cloud
Day 24--I have decided that I'm going to have a HUGE koi pond when I have a house to myself. Kigo--rain
Day 25--I live near a lot of mountains, and this image has always fascinated me. Kigo--mountain
Day 26--Again, thinking about forest fires. Kigo--smoke
Day 27--Wrote this in reply to a haiku written by a friend. Kigo--pearl, moon
Day 28--If you've never had the chance to view an Aurora Borealis in person, you need to. They are so magnificent. Inspired by: Northern Lights, a view from Home. Kigo--winter's
Day 29--Had a bit of trouble with this one. Not sure if I like it or not. Inspired by: Small Magic Big Dreams. Kigo--droplet
Day 30--Hehe. Can anyone guess where the title is from? Kigo--bones?
Day 31--Sorry, my mind is a bit weird. Inspired by: Unoccupied. Kigo--fog, naked trees

PHEEEW! I'm kinda glad August is over now. Don't get me wrong, this was a blast, but took a lot out of me, inspiration wise. Enjoy!


I've received a DLD for this! I'm so wonderfully happy right now; honestly, I get so astonished each time I get a DLD. Thank you to `SilverInkblot who featured me! The article is here.
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i really adore each one <3
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